DUCK FOOD - Denis Steurs
Denis Steurs
Dog behavior expert & nutrition specialist
Born in 1950, Denis Steurs is a dog behaviour expert and food specialist. A dog lover in heart and soul, he embodies exactly the right combination of daring and common sense. He also has a passion for studying wolves and canines that has taken him all over the world. As the son of a Bouvier breeder, Denis grew up in a village where there were two dog clubs, so he has been involved with the world of dog sports all his life. Having met many, many dogs with behavioural problems, Denis soon realised that there was a link between problem behaviour and food. As he himself had been diagnosed with diabetes when he was young, he had immersed himself in the study of nutrition. He then extended this to dog food and started making food for his own dogs and the problem dogs he was supervising. When Denis met another passionate dog sport fan, Michel Straetmans, they put their heads together. As a result, Denis became the nutrition expert at DUCK. He and Michel started making complete deep-frozen meals for dogs that were easy to divide into portions.
Their top product is DUCK COMPLETE Excellent, which has had unparalleled results in the world of dog sports and breeders. That has certainly not passed unnoticed. With good nutrition and Denis’s knowledge of dog behaviour he has been able to correct many problems. Denis has been asked to give courses and seminars at dog clubs and to write a regular article for the Flemish monthly, WOEF. He has become an important coach in the dog sport world and various world champions are linked to his name.
A healthy mind in a healthy body – it applies to dogs, too.
Money can buy you a beautiful dog, but it won’t make the dog’s tail wag.