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Nino Drowaert founded STSK9® in 2016. Nino is a 20-year veteran of the Belgium’s biggest metropolitan police department (APD) where he held the position of Nationally Certified Head Trainer.
Prior experiences at Philip Vandenabeele’s Mondio Ring club in Wetteren (Belgium) and Bart Bellon’s famous Belgian Ring club in Hoboken (Belgium) together with the skills he developed as a Police K9 handler and instructor led Nino to develop his unique training system, UltimateControl®.
Ultimate control is achieved by understanding, internalizing and ultimately mastering the Five Pillars - Movement, Visuals, Drive, Vocals and Grip. The mastery of these pillars will inevitably unlock massive potential in the dog, allowing his development for any sport or activity at the highest level.
Dogs are active creatures who speak with movement, and those who want to truly control them must speak with movement as well. The application of Nino’s system requires the development of advanced handler skills which form the connection, the bridge from the human’s mind to the dog’s body. Of course, the dog’s body must be prepared to perform at these levels.
Part and parcel of Nino’s Ultimate Control system and the requirement that the canine athlete be at the top of its physical abilities. Nutrition, of course, plays a large part in reaching that goal. Nino believes in feeding the best quality commercially prepared raw dog food available and his choice is Duck Raw Food. This quality raw dog food provides the ingredients necessary to ensure health, power and energy in Nino’s highest performing dogs.