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Michael & Bart Bellon
NePoPo® is a brand name and training system that was developed by Michael and Bart Bellon.
NePoPo® stands for negative, positive, positive. It means that the dog first receives a negative stimulus, followed by two positive stimuli. This training method makes communication between the dog and its owner more effective and pleasant.

The NePoPo® system gives dogs the idea that they can influence their environment. By using it, we train them to be enterprising, innovative and passionate partners. They carry out their tasks with heart and soul!

NePoPo® training is revolutionary. Michael and Bart Bellon have given seminars and workshops all over the world in every training discipline. They pass on their knowhow through the NePoPo® Silver and Gold Schools.

They also own the Martin System®. For over ten years, Michael and Bart Bellon worked closely with Martin System®, in both the commercial and the technological fields. They contributed significant added value to the company in terms of the development of new products, which are used in NePoPo® training too. It was a logical step, then, for Charles Martin to sell the company to B.C.BB. As a result of the takeover, Michael and Bart are the only dog trainers in the world that run their own e-collar company.

For Michael and Bart it all starts with good dog food. That’s fundamental. As their dog is in the picture every single day, it is crucially important for it to be in good condition. People think it’s normal for top sportsmen and women to watch what they eat and not to eat pizza all the time, so that they can perform well. It’s no different for dogs! They can only reach the top with complete, balanced, good quality deepfreeze food.

Michael & Bart Bellon prefer the DUCK range. Their favourite is DUCK NATURE BOX Active Breed.,,