DUCK FOOD - Didier Boschmans
Didier Boschmans
"As a child my playmate, as a young guest my sports buddy, afterwards my work soldier ... and forever my teacher! This sentence nicely describes how dogs have always had an important place in my life and still always have. "

Didier is very active, sporty and committed to nature. He is one of the lucky ones who has turned his hobby into his profession. Didi's doggies offers daycare for active dogs in the form of adventurous day trips. From morning to night, he goes out into nature so that the dogs can romp and browse unlimitedly. In the evening your dog comes home tired and satisfied. Dogs get the chance to fully enjoy themselves physically and to train their social skills in the pack. The day trips have a beneficial and often therapeutic effect on the dog. A good diet is the basis for a mental and physical balance. Didi's doggies also helps to address the unwanted behavior of the dog through individual counseling and pack therapy. He has recently also moved across national borders: Didi's Doggies Trails is a unique project that is committed to the re-education and re-placement of dogs with behavioral problems.

Didi's Doggies has found a reliable partner in DUCK Organic Food. In the DUCK range, Didier opts for DUCK COMPLETE EXCELLENT and DUCK COMPLETE BEEF.