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Since 1970 we have been making natural food for dogs at DUCK. Just here in Belgium. We were the pioneers for frozen dog food on the Belgian market. 50 years later we still stand for knowledge, trust and the best quality. Through our experience we know the meat market like no other, which allows us to purchase the best quality ingredients. At DUCK we are convinced that the best food for our dogs consists of food that is closest to its nature.
In order to maintain the quality standard and further improve it, we have chosen DUCK, together with 3 other Belgian raw feed manufacturers, to take the step to join an interest group. We hereby undertake, on a voluntary basis, to comply with a number of standards under the supervision of the FASFC, whereby we work according to an audited manual and follow a sampling plan of raw materials and finished products. We do all this to guarantee the quality of our products and, where possible, to improve them.
To maintain high quality, we have a strong purchasing policy in which we determine the selection of our suppliers through thorough sampling of the raw materials supplied and mutual consultation to maintain the desired quality standard.
Our range of protein sources is rather limited, the reason for this is that we only use products for which we have quality assurance.
From animals - from European countries - that are slaughtered for human consumption, we receive meat and organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys. After slaughter, the meat is immediately cooled to -18 °C to preserve the vitamins and minerals. This also ensures that bacteriological problems are prevented.
Upon arrival at our production facility, we check the frozen pieces of meat and organs for quality and temperature. We also store our ingredients in our large freezer at -18 °C.
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Our unique production process ensures that the ingredients remain frozen during the entire preparation. We start our preparation by checking everything with the metal detector. The frozen meat is then ground in the meat grinder. We then mix the meat, vegetables and grains together according to our recipe. The only thing we add are vitamins and minerals.
After the ingredients have been mixed, the food is poured into molds that immediately go to the fast freezer. After 10 minutes the temperature is again -18 °C. Our natural dog food is now almost ready. The products are packaged, first individually and then in boxes. Then it goes towards metal detector. If there is no problem there, analyzes are performed. If there is an OK there, then we officially approve the feed for sale.
For DUCK it is not enough to feed a dog. For a correct diet it is important to first understand the animal. To know what its origin is to determine its needs very correctly. To attach importance to its nature. And to nature.
DUCK works every day to be the best frozen food on the market. For us the most important thing is that you are satisfied and your dogs are healthy! Ultimately, without satisfied customers with healthy dogs, there would no longer be a DUCK. We try to communicate openly about our product, so that our customers themselves learn to think about the food they give their dog, and not fall into the marketing traps of the pet food industry. Have you purchased DUCK and do you have any comments, please let us know, only in this way can we make adjustments and keep the good quality under control.
Our company originated from Michel Straetmans' passion for dog sport. And those who say sport think of top condition and balanced quality food. That is why we produce food with respect for your dog's nature. Fresh and with top-quality ingredients. Because we aim for a healthy mind in a healthy dog's body.
The DUCK team consists of a close-knit group of dog lovers. That's why they do everything to offer you the best service and the best dog food. And when we say 'you', we naturally mean your beloved four-legged friend (s)!