IJSBERG BVBA - Green tripe, superfood for dogs
Green tripe, superfood for dogs
The panacea for a good intestinal flora! It is called "green" tripe, not so much because of its color, but because it is not processed for human consumption.
The rumors about how bad green tripe smells are not exaggerated, but your furry family member will think this is the most exciting thing you have ever put in his food bowl! While some owners learn to hold their breath and others get used to the smell, everyone loves it because it keeps our pets healthy and promotes a long life.
Green tripe, as known in its raw, natural state, is the raw stomach wall of ruminants or grazing animals such as cows. A cow eats food without chewing it properly: she gobbles it inside. When the tripe is full, chewing can begin. During ruminating, the cow rises food chunks the size of a tennis ball - ruminated chunks. She grinds the chew chunks fine with her teeth. A whole range of digestive enzymes, amino acids and gastric juices are used to break down and subsequently digest swallowed grasses.
What does this mean for your dog? It takes energy to digest food. Digestive enzymes make that process easier, so that less energy is used and nutrients can be absorbed better. So when your dog eats a meal with green tripe, there is a recording of these digestive enzymes and "good" bacteria, the natural probiotics, that help the dog make its own digestion.
But before we go into all the benefits, let's talk about the only disadvantage ... The only real disadvantage of tripe - if you can call it that - is the aroma.
Breeders and dog lovers are enthusiastic about the improvements in the health, appearance and general condition of their four-legged friend when eating tripe. True tripe enthusiasts dare to say "green tripe can bring dead dogs back to life". It may seem too good to be true, but the facts speak for themselves.
The benefits of green tripe are unparalleled:
Contains large amounts of probiotics, which ensures a good intestinal flora. Without good intestinal flora, no good health
Contains high levels of digestive enzymes (good bacteria) that contribute to healthy digestion
Increases the immune system
Stimulates the appetite of a pet without being a fatter
Prevents infections and irritable bowels
Cleans teeth and promotes oral hygiene
Prevents or improves skin problems
Provides a glossy coat
Sturdy, limited stools
Older pets resume their active lifestyle
Prevents dirty, watery eyes
Good for muscle building
Has an ideal calcium-phosphorus ratio of 1: 1