DUCK FOOD - Green tripe, superfood for dogs
Green tripe, superfood for dogs

Green tripe - 'superfood' for dogs: the perfect food for healthy intestinal flora! It is called ‘green’ tripe not so much because of the colour but because of the fact that it has not been treated for human consumption. 

The rumours about how bad green tripe smells are not exaggerated, but your furry friend will think it is the most exciting thing you have ever put in its food bowl! Some owners learn to hold their breath and others get used to the smell, but everyone loves it, because it keeps our pets healthy and promotes long life.

Green tripe, as it is known in its raw natural state, is the wall of the rumen, the first compartment of the stomach of a ruminant or grazing animal, such as a cow. Cows gulp down their food without chewing it properly. Once the rumen is full, rumination begins. During this stage, cows regurgitate chunks of food the size of a tennis ball, called cud. They then spend up to 9 hours a day chewing the cud and grinding it fine with their teeth. At the same time a whole series of digestive enzymes, amino acids and gastric juices are produced that break down the swallowed grass and digest it.

So, what does this mean for your dog? It requires a lot of energy to digest food. Digestive enzymes simplify the process, so that less energy is needed and nutrients can be absorbed better. When your dog eats a meal that includes green tripe, there is an uptake of these digestive enzymes and ‘good' bacteria, natural probiotics, which aid your dog’s digestion. 

But before we go into all the benefits of tripe, let’s look at the one disadvantage – if you can call it that. The only thing some dog owners really do not like is the smell. 
Nonetheless, breeders and dog lovers alike are enthusiastic about the improvements in the health, appearance and general condition of their four-legged friends when they eat tripe. Real tripe lovers even go as far as to say that green tripe can bring dead dogs back to life. That might be a bit too good to be true, but the benefits are self-evident.
Green tripe has unparalleled benefits for your dog(s); it:

  • contains large amounts of probiotics, ensuring healthy intestinal floral - and, as we all know, healthy intestinal flora are essential for good health;
  • contains high levels of digestive enzymes (good bacteria), which contribute to healthy digestion; 
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • stimulates pets’ appetite without making them fat;
  • prevents infections and irritable bowels;
  • cleans teeth and promotes oral hygiene;
  • prevents or improves skin problems;
  • ensures a shiny coat;
  • ensures firm, healthy stools;
  • helps older pets resume their active lifestyle;
  • prevents dirty, teary eyes;
  • is good for building muscles;
  • has an ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio of 1:1.