IJSBERG BVBA - DUCK supports Greyhounds in Nood
DUCK supports Greyhounds in Nood
DUCK supports Greyhounds in Nood Belgium. Each adoptor receives a DUCK starter package on the adoption day. DUCK wants to give these dogs every opportunity for a healthy and carefree life in Belgium!
A word of explanation for the adopters of a galgo:
People are used to receiving instructions for everything they buy. A mobile phone, GPS, computer, TV, etc. This is also possible because for all devices it applies that when one compares a device with another device of the same brand and type, there is also no difference in the operation. This does not apply to a dog, every dog is an individual! It comes without a manual. Remember: You can buy a nice dog with money, but not wagging his tail!
The galgos in Spain often carry a heavy backpack, they have experienced a lot and have never experienced anything else. After going through a phase of physical and mental recovery in reception in Spain, they come to Belgium.
On average a dog has a life expectancy that is + - 6 times lower than that of a human. Notwithstanding that, a dog can survive much longer than a human without food. But of course, without food, no life is possible for a dog. On unsuitable food, or food where there is a lack of essential nutrients, a dog can thrive for a surprisingly long time. This is naturally at the expense of his health.
The condition in general determines to a large extent its behavior, and that can range from listlessness to hyperactive.
What are the most common behavioral problems due to nutrition? Shock, being afraid, nervousness, aggression, apathy, phobias, being distracted, and absolute disobedience as a result of not receiving messages or commands. When observing these problems, people do not often make a direct link to the diet.
What do dogs get to eat? The galgos in Spain may already be happy with a piece of stale bread. Here in Belgium, the new owners are seduced by beautiful shapes and colors, people do not take the time to think and manufacturers like to use it. We may not take time to think, but we are not stupid and we all know that our dog is naturally a carnivore. The only problem is that we are fooled by the beautiful packaging and slogans. Dogs can be very happy and happy or sometimes unhappy. But this has never to do with the packaging or the shape of their food! Good food is not a fashion item or washing powder that can be improved every year. One can at most make other flavors and change the packaging.
To regain weight for a malnourished dog, it is best to use the DUCK COMPLETE Lamb & Rice frozen food without combining it with dry food. Especially for dogs that are malnourished: good digestion always starts with a good intestinal flora. It is important for these dogs not to change their taste during the first three months. This is called stabilizing. The fastest results are achieved if you adhere to these three months. People say "change of food makes food" but dogs do not need that change.
You can achieve the optimum result by feeding the DUCK COMPLETE frozen food every day and as the only food. Every DUCK day is a won day! To clean the teeth, we recommend that you regularly give your dog a natural snack after a meal, for example a piece of bull's tendon. (Please note, the widely known yellow buffalo skin bones are not a natural snack!)
For whatever reason, are you unable to continue giving DUCK COMPLETE every day, after your dog's recovery period? Then think about inserting, for example, two days of frozen food per week. Do you prefer to give dry food? Then you can opt for DUCK COLD PRESSED. This dry food was specially developed by DUCK to be combined with frozen food.
An important advantage of adding a small amount of DUCK COMPLETE to dry chunks is that you are going to add good proteins and good bacteria. Dogs need good bacteria to build up a good intestinal flora. Without good intestinal flora, no good health. Without it, they can already get diarrhea from outside licking a puddle or coming into contact with a dead bird in the forest. Dry food never contains fresh meat, but meat meal. For dry food, the addition of fresh meat, such as DUCK COMPLETE, is necessary to build up a good intestinal flora.
It will be clear that nutrition is essential, but for a dog a complete meal based on fresh meat is a basic need. Only good food is not enough, but it is the basis, and at least a good start to make your dog happy!