Why doesn’t DUCK always look the same?

The quality and nutritional value are constant and optimal. The appearance, however, may change depending on various factors.

- The sharpness of the knives used when cutting and mixing the food has no influence on the total moisture level. However, the sharpness does influence the amount of moisture that may be released.
- If the cow to be slaughtered is tired the meat may be darker.
- Stress affects the colour of the animal’s meat (i.e. transport to slaughterhouse).
- The seasonal temperature at the moment of slaughtering influences the colour of the meat.
- The age of the slaughtered animal.
- The breed.
- The feed given to the cow.
- The period of freezing after the slaughtering (there is already a distinct difference in colour after one hour).
- The accommodation before the slaughtering (pasture or stable).

In any case, the dog does not mind about the colour; it does mind about taste and smell.