Are you feeding your dog Duck as indicated in the table?

As a rule, every nutritional table is only a set of guidelines. Deviations of up to 20% are possible.

Every dog has a different metabolism and other needs that affect his or her energy consumption. The metabolism is also influenced by factors such as breed, temperament, fur, accommodation, mobility, nervousness, nature, character and age.

A dog that is scared to stay alone at home uses more energy than a dog in good health would use while running!

When the need for energy increases, the need for protein does not. When a dog that according to his weight and the nutritional table would have to eat about 1 kg, in reality needs about 1.3 kg or more to maintain its weight, you’d better stick to 1 kg and give extra rice and vegetable flakes.

1. Add 2 cups of warm water  per cup of flakes.
2. Let the mixture soak in for a while.
3. Then add a tablespoon of sunflower oil.
4. Mix everything properly together.

Depending on the dog’s needs you can use one, two or three cups of rice. But when adding rice, use as a basis the amount of DUCK complete indicated by the table. Only then will the dog receive all essential ingredients in the right amounts.