Large breeds are often very fond of tripe which, unlike the fats so much appreciated by dogs, does not cause a systematic and rapid weight gain.

Suitable for all dogs.  Particularly recommended for bad eaters and for obese dogs.

Available in a 1-kilo pack or in economical 8 x 1 kilo breeders’ packs.


beef tripe: 50%; chicken and chicken carcass, corn flakes, wheat flakes and bran.


humidity: 67 %; raw protein 9.5 %; raw fat: 6.5 %; raw ash: 1.9 %; raw cellulose 1.2 %;

Nutritional additives

copper: (3b4.10) 7,2 mg/Kg; vitamin A: 17000 IE/kg; vitamin D3: 2000 IU/kg; vitamin E: 100mg/kg, minerals, iron (Fe): 100mg , manganese: (E5) 44mg, zinc: (E6) 50mg, iodine: (E2) 1,89mg , selenium: (E8) 0,2mg , selenomethionine: ( 3b8.11) 0,1mg. Prepared 18 months before the expiry date.

How to use the Duck range

This range is very simple to use: you defrost (at ambient temperature) the desired portion in accordance with our nutrition table and the energy expenditure of your dog. This food is complete and balanced.