Suitable for all dogs. Particularly recommended for dogs with behavioural or digestive problems caused by pancreatic failure.

As the functioning of the pancreas has been weakened, you should start feeding your dog with 100% Duck Pancreas Complete, then, depending on the quality of the stools, add Duck Excellent Complete gradually to reverse the proportion little by little and arrive at 100% Duck Excellent Complete.

In concrete terms, we can often switch to Duck Excellent Complete after a few weeks, depending on the severity of your dog’s pancreatic failure.


beef pancreas 24%, beef tripe, chicken and chicken carcass, beef heart, liver and kidneys, maize and cereal flakes, rice.


humidity: 61.9%; raw protein: 11.2%; raw fats: 10.6%; raw ash: 2.1%; raw cellulose: 1.2%.

Nutritional additives

copper: (3b4.10) 7,2 mg/Kg; vitamin A: 17000 IE/kg; vitamin D3: 2000 IU/kg; vitamin E: 100mg/kg, minerals, iron (Fe): 100mg , manganese: (E5) 44mg, zinc: (E6) 50mg, iodine: (E2) 1,89mg , selenium: (E8) 0,2mg , selenomethionine: ( 3b8.11) 0,1mg. Prepared 18 months before the expiry date.

How to use the Duck range

This food is intended very specifically for dogs with a pancreas problem. Such a dog should initially be fed with 100% Duck Pancreas Complete.

Then, as the dog’s condition gradually improves (as evidenced in the stools), you can reduce the portion of Duck Pancreas Complete and mix it with Duck Excellent Complete.

After a few weeks, you thus arrive at 100 % Duck Excellent Complete. An estimate that varies depending on the dog’s state of health.