Suitable for all dogs.  Particularly recommended for small breeds and lovers of variety.

Because it contains no taste enhancer, this liver supplement makes this food particularly appetising for small dogs.

Available in a 1-kilo pack or in economical 8 x1 kilo breeders’ packs.


chicken and chicken carcass 30%, beef 30%, liver 12%, beef heart 10% and kidneys, carrots 8% and rice 6%.


humidity: 64 %; raw protein 13 %; raw fat: 7 %; raw ash 2.4 %; raw cellulose: 3.7 %;

Nutritional additives

copper: (3b4.10) 7,2 mg/Kg; vitamin A: 17000 IE/kg; vitamin D3: 2000 IU/kg; vitamin E: 100mg/kg, minerals, iron (Fe): 100mg , manganese: (E5) 44mg, zinc: (E6) 50mg, iodine: (E2) 1,89mg , selenium: (E8) 0,2mg , selenomethionine: ( 3b8.11) 0,1mg. Prepared 18 months before the expiry date.

How to use the Duck range

This range is very simple to use: you defrost (at ambient temperature) the desired portion in accordance with our nutrition table and the energy expenditure of your dog. This food is complete and balanced.