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Hi I have a four year old Pug who has always been fat.He is not a greedy dog but after trying other foods with no success tried Duck and he is now a little slimmer.however the best thing is He no longer sheds hair.As inthe caSe of most Pugs this was a major problem but it is amazing the difference since he has been on Duck.I tried all the recomendations given by vets and Pug sites but nothing worked.Now he hardley sheds at all.Amazing

March 20, 2015
October 8, 2014

hiya been feeding my dobermanns duck complete for well over 10 years now . nothing to say really except its the best . ive had very healthy dobes with lovly coats eyes etc ,. its easy to feed and find i could easily adjust the dogs weight when needed . keep up the good work il feed nothing else

September 10, 2014 Zuzana Studena

Good afternoon

My name is Zuzana Studena.
On the beginning of May I email you about our dog ( Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever). Our dog was not eating and I was looking for help and advise. Many thanks for your food and your help!!!! Our dog is now eating and eating!!! And she is very active!
Once more thank you!

March 20, 2015
August 6, 2014 P robson

Just purchased my first couple oF boxes of duck excellent it looks really good Food. Can anyone tell Me what is the percentage of bone content in it

June 4, 2014 Rien van Nikkelen Kuijper

onze hond had een probleem met zijn altvleesklier en van de dierendokter kregen wij een recept voor een gelig poeder wat door zijn brokken moest worden gedaan dat rook heel erg naar vanille en dat is een penetrante geur in heel je huis.
Ik ben daarop op zoek gegaan voor een eventuele vervanger van dit product en kwam uit bij Duck met pancreas.
Wij hebben dit product zeker 5 jaar gebruikt en onze hond had er erg veel baat bij.
Alleen wij moesten oppassen dat hij geen andere producten kreeg die de uitwerking te niet deden.
Maar met een extra pensstaafje of een stukje gedroogd rundvlees konden wij hem toch wat extra’s geven en hij was verder een en al gezondheid Wij raden iedereen aan om producten van Duck aan de hond te geven voor de honden lekker en gezond!!!!

April 19, 2014 rameysen monique

Mijn engelse bulldog vertoonde allerlei huidproblemen…jeuk…bruine traanstrepen…bruin tussen haar tenen…ik ben in januari begonnen met duck compleet een ze ziet er stralend uit. Haar huidproblemen zijn verdwenen als sneeuw voor de zon en ze vindt het heerlijk! Misschien een klein probleempje als we op weekend gaan…en geen diepvriezer of koelkast hebben in ons verblijf. Is er een vervangend alternatief voor deze korte periodes?

April 9, 2014 Debruyne ronny

Hallo, weet jUllie dat, jullie duck PRODUCTEN de beste zijn. Mijn honden zijn er verzot op, Mmmmm……. Lekker.,Doe zo vErder jullie stAan aan de top!!.

March 10, 2014 Duck is recommended

I have used DUCK COMPLETE for years to my full satisfaction, and there has been a link to the DUCK website on our website for years.

See  www.everyoneweb.com/teckels/

Duck is recommended. We have had very good experiences with it. .!!!

January 9, 2014 There is no better food than DUCK

There is no better food than DUCK.   On 28 September we have the national seaside dog walking event 2014.  Not to be missed!.  Have a look at our website


December 17, 2013 The dog is thriving very well

I alternate between  Duck, Carnibest and Naturis fresh food, and am very satisfied with all of them. I alternate because we do not want to eat the same thing every day, do we?  The dog is thriving very well on all KVV brands, and thus on Duck too. ;)

October 3, 2013 His bowl is now empty in no time

I have really had it now with dry food. My Golden Retriever had to gain weight urgently and I had been told that it was only possible with Royal Canine.  Having been very patient, I must note that he cannot fill his stomach. And he dawdles over his food.

I have now switched to Duck once and for all, on the advice of a  lover of strictly natural food.  His bowl is now empty in no time.  He must gain five kilos urgently, because I want to use him for breeding.  He’s a difficult eater and I hope that we are now definitively on the right path, because I really tried everything the last two years.  Fingers firmly crossed!

October 3, 2013 With Duck pancreas she no longer needs any medication and is as fit as a fiddle

My  Jack Russel has a pancreas problem (as the vet ascertained after extensive tests) and would have died without proper food or medication (heavy diarrhoea and therefore underfed).  But with Duck pancreas she no longer needs any medication and is as fit as a fiddle; she is now 6, and has been on this diet for 5 years.

June 21, 2013 Just great!

Our  labrador pup Boris had very serious problems with diarrhoea the first weeks. We tried different types of dry food, but there was no improvement.  Until a colleague told me about Duck.  Got excellent advice at the pet speciality shop and started with Duck complete Dynamic.  Boris has had fine stools since, his fur is shiny, and he is finally feeling his oats. Just great!

June 14, 2013 We are delighted with the results

My master started giving me Duck natural food last Tuesday and my fur is beginning to get a nice shine, and naturally I like it , so both my master and I, Taiko, are delighted with the results :)

January 20, 2013 I am really delighted!!!

My 2 little doggies did not thrive on dry dog food.  I tried all sorts of dog food for 4 years, from cheap to expensive, all sorts of flavours and textures….  They continued to have stomach and intestinal problems (regular vomiting, burping, gas, growling intestines, slimy stools) and one of the two was actually too skinny, so they did not gain weight.

I switched to Duck Food completely and it was fantastic!  They like the food, the stools are good, they are energetic, they no longer beg at the tables, and no sweets between meals anymore.  I can only conclude that they are satisfied and that the food contains everything they need!  My skinny little dog has gained 200g in ten days, so I am really delighted!!!

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