Background history

Since 1970, we have been making DUCK natural dog food right here in Belgium. Our company was born out of my father’s passion for dog sports. And where sport is concerned, you expect peak condition and balanced, good quality food. That’s why we produce food while keeping your dog’s nature in mind. Fresh food made with top quality ingredients. Because we want your dog to have a healthy mind in a healthy body.


Our ingredients

We get meat and offal such as the heart, liver and kidneys from animals that are slaughtered for human consumption in European countries. After slaughter, the meat is immediately frozen to -18 °C, which retains all the vitamins and minerals. This temperature is required to prevent bacteriological problems.

On arrival in our production facility, we check the deep-frozen pieces of meat and offal for quality and temperature. We also store our ingredients in our large deep-freezer at -18 °C.

Unique production process

Our work methods ensure the ingredients remain frozen throughout the entire preparation. We begin preparation by checking everything with a metal detector. The frozen meat is then ground in the meat-grinder. Afterwards we mix the meat, vegetables and grains together according to our own recipe. The only things we add are vitamins and minerals.

Once the ingredients have been mixed together, the food is then put into containers, which go back into the deep-freezer immediately. The temperature goes back down to -18 °C within 10 minutes. Our natural dog food is now almost ready. The products are packaged, individually first and then in boxes. Then they go back through the metal detector. If no problem is detected, analyses are then carried out. If it gets the OK at that point, we officially approve the food for sale. In collaboration with the Federal Food Agency, we take every care to ensure the high quality of our natural raw food.

Values and mission

For Duck, it is not enough simply to give the dog food to eat. To nourish a dog properly, you must first understand it – to know where it’s coming from so as to be able to determine precisely what it needs; to respect its nature and… nature itself.

Understand the dog to nourish it properly

A glance at the dog’s origins provides better insight into the food likely to be beneficial for the animal’s health. 

What the wolf can teach us about the domestic dog 

The wolf is the dog’s ancestor.  To survive it had to hunt, as did man, for that matter.  Dog may have become differentiated from the wolf over time, but its digestive system and dentition have remained unchanged.  This observation can lead to several essential deductions about nutrition for the dog.

Dogs are carnivorous, but must not live by meat alone 

Originally a hunter, the dog is unquestionably a carnivore, but must not live by meat alone.  More specifically, the wolf does not eat only the muscles and organs of its prey; it also eats the contents of the intestines and the stomach, i.e. cereals, fruits and vegetables. 

The only difference between puppies and adult dogs is the quantity of food 

Close observation of the wolf reveals that the young do not eat anything else than the adults do.  Conversely, up to the age of 4 months, they eat before the others, because they need to eat more.

So there is no need to invent a different type of food for puppies, and even less of a need for a “light” or high energy value variety of food; for in nature, there are no special stags or wild boars and no special rabbits for puppies!

Duck. As close to nature as possible

The principal mission of Duck is to provide nourishment that is close to nature, i.e. natural and fresh food, capable of striking the right balance between muscle meat and organs, between germinated cereals and natural meat juices. Fresh and natural, this dog food moreover contains

  • no thickeners
  • no taste enhancers
  • no colouring agents
Respect for the dog’s nature

Natural food deep frozen fresh is pleasurable for the dog who likes the smell and flavour of what it eats. Above all, you reduce drastically many disorders such as:

  • gastric disorders
  • intestinal disorders
  • food allergies
  • skin problems
  • behavioural problems

The Duck team

The Duck team is composed of animal lovers.  That is why they spare no effort to offer you optimal service and optimal food for your dog. Because ultimately, when we say you, we really mean that our canine friends are the ones to benefit …